Wealthcare Advantage is focused on assisting those who’s retirement may be just around the corner or who’ve already arrived by helping them create a stress free retirement through effective income planning, estate planning and overall retirement planning. We accomplish this through the use of the latest technology, innovative strategies, best in class products and advisory support teams. Every plan is scrutinized to be sure it achieves our clients objective and is then stress tested for the unexpected.


Mark Nardelli, President, Advisor.

Mark has been a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina since 1993. Mark’s career in the financial services arena started in 1998 as an agent and manager for a national insurance company focused on the ever growing senior market until 2004.

  “This has been a great state for me both personally and professionally as it was here that I met my wife, Teresa, and later started my business”.


In 2005, Mark decided to become an independent advisor and focused on estate and retirement planning. Establishing relationships with elder law attorneys and investment advisors who share the same values and desires set the foundation that would help his clients achieve their goals and objectives.

  “I believed as a truly independent advisor I could better serve my current and prospective clients with the best in class of products and services that would help them achieve a more secure retirement.”  “I’ve  learned the importance of forming professional relationships as a means to become a vital resource for the clients I serve.”


In 2013, Wealthcare Advantage, LLC was established an we expanded our product portfolio. While our firm does not offer legal or investment advice, we’ve continued to foster our relationships with an independent investment advisors and elder law attorneys so our current and prospective clients would have a resource for independent investment and legal services to compliment our overall planning.


Mark’s overall mission is to show how, with proper planning, boomers and retirees can achieve secure growth and income so they can THRIVE throughout their retirement while leaving a legacy for those they care about the most. Today, Wealthcare Advantage continues to move forward in becoming your source as a financial services firm providing the the best in class products and retirement planning the meet today’s challenges for a successful retirement.